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Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)

Details about Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and material science that deals with the design, development, and production of ceramics, glass, and composites. Ceramics are non-metallic and inorganic materials with unique properties, such as high strength, hardness, and resistance to heat and  wear. 

Ceramic engineers use this knowledge to develop new ceramics for varied use.

Ceramic tiling SOLHAR Service - Ceramic Wear Resistant Linings
Ceramic tiling SOLHAR Service - Pulley Lagging
Ceramic tiling SOLHAR Service - Cyclones
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Flat tiles of various dimensions and thickness, pre-engineered pipe tiles, interlocking tiles, and ceramic tiles available.  Any other related products used by Solhar Energy Solutions & Engineering are meticulously crafted to precise specifications, boasting a high-grade alumina content that is highly resistant to wear, moisture, and creep sulphide attacks.

Tiles are embedded into an epoxy adhesive applicable to the application.  This lining increases the life span of steel and related products which are subject to sever erosion. 

Tiles are available in various dimensions and thickness, as required by each application.  Pre-engineered tiles are also available for piping of various diameters and specialized pre-engineered sects for cyclones and similar applications.

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The cost-effective liner for high wear applications;  

Efficient production methods, the latest manufacturing equipment and strict quality control ensure that dry pressed high alumina ceramic is the wear resistant material chosen by original equipment manufacturers and for the replacement of existing liners.


In the field of power generation, ceramic tiles are effectively used to protect pulverized fuel pipes, fans, coal handling chutes and hoppers. Ceramic tiles are an essential product used by the mining industry in vibrating feeders, transfer chutes, cyclones, pipes, high speed fans and other traditional problem areas.

New uses:  Our engineers, in conjunction with industry, are continually exploring new applications for the effective use of ceramics, wherever wear resistant linings are required.  Detailed and complex designs are rapidly translated into custom made shapes.  We can readily manufacture to your specific requirements.

Ceremic Tiling Projects we’ve done at SOLHAR in Kimberley

Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)
Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project) - SMUSH
Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)

Ceramic Lining;  Flat tiles, Dimple tiles Drive Pulley.  Epoxy wearing compound.  Pulleys can be lined with ceramic tiles or epoxy wearing compound as per client specifications and application requirements.

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Pipe repair bandage is an extremely convenient and effective product for the emergency repair of less severe leaks on steel, HDPE, rubber hoses, ventilation ducts and plastic both underground and surface application.  A fibreglass tape impregnated with a resin that hardens in 30 minutes to minimize downtime while maintenance can be scheduled. 

The product has the following qualities; Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, oils water and gas.  Can withstand pressures of up to 1750 KPA.  Can withstand temperatures of 300 degrees C.  Has dielectric strength of 16000V. 

Sizes:  100mm x 4.80m, 100mm x 6.10m, 100mm x 15.20m, 50mm x 1.50m

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Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)

A wide range of Epoxy products are available for each specific application.  Epoxy tile adhesive is available for embedding ceramic tiles or silicon carbide tiles and ensuring the required bonding onto the steel or underlying surface after the necessary preparation has been attended to.  The range of epoxies have specialized application and properties including inter alia high bonding and quick setting.  These epoxies are two part kits available in various quantities and includes a base hardener to be mixed together and applied immdiately.

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Epoxy wearing compound is a product also available with specialized qualities, however it is essentially a ceramic bead filled adhesive to apply to areas where tiling is not possible or effective.  The compound has wear resistant qualities, is easy to apply and is used vastly in maintenance of lined areas.  These epoxies are two part kits which includes a base with hardener to be mixed together and applied immediately.

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Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiling

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Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)
Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)
Solhar - Ceramic Tiles (Project)
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