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Our success is attributed to excellent Project Management, Quality Controls, Hard work, Dedication, Teamwork and Competitive Prices. We are continuously striving to improve our customer relations and productivity to ensure that our clients’ receive an excellent service and market-related prices at all times.

SOLHAR management are all qualified artisans and due to practical experience, successful turnkey projects completion and dedication, we are geared to apply solutions for complex works and short time-frame requirements.

PLASMA and 3D pipe cutting solutions from 50NB to 600NB in size, now form part of the ability to supply pre-cut items that are assembled effortless which is a great time saving component on project constraints. Mining operations will also benefit as they have an option of supplying material to be pre-cut for their own use and because of nesting software used the plasma cutting ensures maximum utilisation of such material. Steel liners used as high wear lining solutions are cut at our Kimberley workshop and available up to 40mm thick with high brinell strength i.e. HARDOX 500/650. Supply & Fit of Ceramic industrial tiling also form part of the high wear solutions available.

Our Mission & Values

We strive at all times to ensure that our Company meets the laid down legislative and labour related requirements and that we address the national challenges of unemployment, ownership and sustainable development. We take pride in providing the highest level of efficient and effective workmanship with high level of service at all times. Our core business is to venture into the mining industry through a carefully scheduled plan with firm guidelines, assisted by the construction and managing experience in this field. Our activities will be directed at carefully selected projects, which can provide significant growth and sustainability to our clients. We are also penetrating the Solar Energy as well as the Building industry to aid in the demand for generation of renewable energy we are facing in this country.



The business was formed in April 2011 by Mr. Kevin Harding, and the nature of operations is that of Building Construction, Alterations, Civils, Plumbing, Steelwork and Solar Energy Solutions. The business has penetrated the local industry and has built up a significant market share since inception.
Mr. Gerrard Booyens and Mr. Brian Daniels joined the company and diversified operations into the HDPE piping; high wear lining solutions and plasma cutting division. 

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Solhar Energy Solutions and Engineering in Kimberley, LOGO

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Our Kimberley Branch is situated at 8 Hendrik van der Bijl, Kimdustria, Kimberley, 8301, Northern Cape, South Africa

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Brave men are not born! They are molded. SOLHAR constantly thrive to achieve the set goals monthly and we maintain our identity in what we stand for. If we do not stand for something we might fall for anything. May GOD always stay our protector in whatever project we complete, big or small. To HIM alone the glory and honor - Hallelujah


- Kevin Harding

Men tend to lose their identity in these trying times. We are identified as hard working men taking ownership and responsibility as good, loyal GOD fearing men for our households! BE THE MAN everyone talks about. Stand out in the crowd. Believe and NEVER forget your role and responsibility.

- Kevin Harding

Deliver service. Something we tend to be dislodged from in society in having a basic right to services rendered around us. If GOD stops to deliver the sun, moon, and stars on time we are done with and therefore we strive to keep our focus on delivery of service to our customers.

- Kevin Harding